WinPHP: Dante

Sometimes it is enlightening to go through a deployment.  I finished another round of code enhancements on Dante and Crossley Framework and then deployed them to my WinPHP competition server.  Running through the basic functionality, I found some easily fixable errors that simply didn’t get into SVN.  SVN (or any VCS) does make a nice basic deployment tool for Windows.  Using it I can make sure that everyone pulling from me gets the same code that I deploy for myself.

When I first started my deployment I thought that there were some major differences in the web.config from IIS 7 to IIS 7.5.  Instead, what I discovered is that installing all the IIS modules I needed was key.  There are a few things like ‘Basic Authentication’ that are not there by default.  I had some problems with my URL rewrites that I never did track down.  They didn’t seem to work even after I installed the proper module.  Then while fooling with some other things it just started working.  Some day I will find out what it was, I am bound to run into it again during deployment.  I did however find a tool I want to get more acquainted with called ‘Failed Request Tracing Rules’  which should help me in the future with my URL rewrites on IIS.  Working with the ASP MVC has shown that IIS can be used in some interesting ways without rewrite rules.  I plan on looking into that as well in future releases of Dante.

WinPHP: Dante

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