Back in .NET Land

So I am working a gig that brings me back to the .NET word. This is not to the C# world I am familiar with but even deeper into M$ territory: VB.NET. Oh, the horror!
Seriously though I am going to make the best of it. One of the things I notice as I strip back the layers is that .NET has gone through some great improvements since I last used it. It is really important that jQuery is more widely accepted. Back in the days of Atlas jQuery usage was difficult at best, although still better than Atlas.
I noticed too that a great number of the examples on the net are C#, and that community has grown. I sometimes find it comical that there exist many C# to VB and back converters. Anyone with any experience knows this is a horrible thing to do. Even if it does ‘work’ the result is anything but optimal. Usually it isn’t even practical. Despite all that I find myself using them to follow .NET tutorials written for C# thinking I can make it work the same in VB, right? Am I nuts? You bet. The differences are too great to ignore. You may be able to call a lib the same, but functional logic becomes awkward. Suffice it to say I spend more time trying to find resources than using them right now. If you have some favorite ones, feel free to share. 🙂

Back in .NET Land

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