Thinking Out Loud : Windows Desktop or Linux SSH

There is a difference in methodology between Linux and Windows I didn’t really think about before.  That is the use of the remote desktop.  I contracted for a while for Intel on the eBusiness team.  While that was almost ten years ago now, they were obsessed with KVM access to their servers.  While it was the most impressive Noc I have ever seen. Think NASA control in the movies. 

The Windows 2k remote desktop was revolutionary, quicker than VNC and some of the other tools.  Over the years administering windows machines has been quite different from Linux boxes.  Most the servers I have ever administered have been headless (no keyboard video mouse).  I build most my Linux machines to be headless.  Many times I used minicom over a serial connection to get the job done.  You will find those rare admins that will use remote X, which is what it was engineered for.  But, for the most part you will find your linux admins using SSH or a web UI like Webin.

This difference really struck me when I was looking for a MsSQL administration tool.  The best tool out there is Ms SQL Server Management Studio, but there are very few web management tools, unlike MySQL, Postgresql and others. While this difference seems major, does it really mean anything. My thought is that my personal preference doesn’t make either superior to the other. Also, I don’t know that I even prefer one over the other. While there is something extra crunchy about the shell, there is something warm and fuzzy about a remote desktop. Also, while both camps seem to have a preference, either OS can be administered through command line or remote desktop. So what is the difference today between the two platforms? The gap becomes less and less all the time. There is still much brand loyalty out there, or more specifically M$ haters. I have a lot of experience on both platforms, almost 15 years on both. For me it has always been how do I want to pay, and what is the comfortable platform of those I am working with, nothing more.

Thinking Out Loud : Windows Desktop or Linux SSH

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