Microsoft SQL Web Data Administrator : not what I thought

Folks in PHP circles are well aware of a very handy tool called phpMyAdmin. Great for creating schema and moving data around.  So I thought I would check out what was out there for SQL.  There was phpMsAdmin, a nice homage to the great, but I kept searching.  Eventually I found Web Data Administrator.  The download link took me to so my interest was peaked.

I ran the installer and found that it required .Net framework 1.1.x and offered to send me to the site to download it.  This is one of those little things about .Net that  annoys me.  But most systems have trouble with this, Java, Linux.  Eventually they figure it out.  And in all actuality if this was a maintained project it would probably be in the latest version of the framework.  That makes me wonder if it will be what I need.

I eventually followed the links on the .Net site and found the .Net 1.1.x Installer.  I installed it and the followed it up with the WDA installer.  It all went as advertised.  I would have assumed it would have installed itself in the default website or created a new website.  However, it did not.  Instead I found an icon in the start menu.  Things started to look amiss.  I launched the application and was greeted by an application not a browser.  So my asumptions were wrong.

The application asked for a port, and offered either IIS or Cassini Personal Web Server.  IIS being disabled, I assumed that it is starting another service.  Thus, I gave it a port of 8080, closed my eyes and clicked start.  I tried my SA password, and it didn’t work.  Up till this moment I haven’t been able to log in.  I would like to figure out what I am doing wrong, so if you are familiar with WDA maybe you can leave suggestions.  I did find this post with screen shots that seems to show it in action.  It seems to have the basics down.

However, I am not impressed with the fact that it runs a separate web server and requires the desktop to be logged in.  IMHO this disqualifies it from being a sever worthy application.  It has been rejected form my toolbox, unless proven worthy.  The next tool I will try is sqlWebArchitect as it seems to be a more up to date tool.

Microsoft SQL Web Data Administrator : not what I thought

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