Not So First Impressions of Cake PHP

Cake 1.2.1
So it has been a long time since I revisited Cake PHP. It seem like a reasonable framework with MVC. The Model is reasonably smart. Cut to the point I don’t like the pluralization and command-line code generation is so ’90s.

Commandline Skeleton in the Closet
It is great to copy other projects, esp. successfull ones like RoR. But lets leave out weaknesses, esp. where your programming language is weak. There is a reason people don’t spend all day in some sort of PHP shell instead of bash. How hard is it to integrate class creation into the controller? (@todo) My last project did this with great success. I plan on doing it again in my new frame work also.

What better way to cripple your framework and make translation a nitemare. So maybe it works great, but if I have learned anything from my programmers, it is that people tend to make rules where they dont need them. It makes them feel good, like they are acomplishing somehting by puting borders on what they are doing. In many ways this is a sign of a lack of experience. Cake has been arround for, what, three or four years? I am not saying the team has a lack of experience. It was just an oversight that is imposible to change now. Remember, my code huffing is to learn from good and the bad of others. I was going to implement my site in Cake PHP until I caught them doing a foreach in the template and echoing out a multi-dementional array, *cringe*. So haven’t decided if my live site will use it, but maybe I will still do an implementation for record.

I don’t hate Cake, dont get me wrong. I have utmost respect. There is a huge community behind it and it is constantly developing. It is a great way to dive in and get something running fast with relative robustness. More as I think of it…

Not So First Impressions of Cake PHP

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