Working with AJAX and Atlas this week. I hope MS is communicating internally so that they understand the limits of IE. When I first used AJAX (or more accurately: misused XHR to get flat text) I came square against the fact that you can not have an active stream open with IE. For instance read a character and then print it to the screen. This has been talked about before but I hope something is going to change with IE7. The other thing I find annoying is the caching that IE performs. If you make the same request over and over, you get the same thing back, over and over, even if the server changes. The best way to get around this is to add some random bits to the end of the request. But that was a couple years ago. Now we use frameworks. Just like IE Atlas is way behind the curve as far as just working. What is my issue? I have a cascading dropdown inside an Atlas panel. The queries take a few seconds, just long enough for you to click and change another dropdown… and low and behold, it stops responding. Oddly enough MajickAjax operates much more sound. I try to push .NET forward, but I still feel that the husky client is best written by hand. Has anyone seen a JASON lib for VS that works well?


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