Oracle Revisited

After a my first of three classes on Oracle, I feel refreshed. It is always good to revisit and update your SQL skills. It gives you a chance to update your product knowledge too. With Oracle XE I expect I will be using Oracle more often. Recently I have had some run-in with MS SQL and think less and less of it every day. I hope the latest version strives to embrace the ANSI standards a bit better. I also see where MySQL and Posgress take the good from Oracle and leave off the things that should be left to the programmer. I realized this week that Oracle does a good job of staying just ahead of the curve and satisfies whatever need customers may have, keeping them close to the product. After my first deep lesson on SQL+ I see why there have been so may applicant’s that run on the DB alone. While times have changed, I see that Oracle has too. I look forward to getting under the hood of this beast in the next few weeks and refresh the DB grease on my hands.


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