What can PHP learn from C#?

The first time this question popped into my head, my thought was ‘Nothing’. That is, nothing that C# does that PHP does not is necessary. There are a few fun things that C# does that could be entertaining to have in PHP also, but, the fact of the matter is that there is more to learn not to do.

The first thing to be learned from it is: “don’t try too much to imitate another programming language.” C# picked up most everything, even the bad things, from JAVA. The name space feature is taken to a grotesque level. I realized this when I got a warning from VS that said that a call I made was depreciated. The call I should be using was twice as long and repeated itself three times. The worst thing is that I felt that I was being convinced that it was progress.

The next thing to be learned is that if you build an app like a fat client, it better be one. There is no room for this faking it dance. If I build it like a fat client that runs in a browser, it better be heavy on the JS on the client side. MS tries so hard to embrace, envelop, and rule the web. This isn’t going to work unless they actually demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of the technology.


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