Another day closer to the formal training, and I am a little worried about being board out of my mind. It looks like a class for non OOP programmers. This brings up an interesting point of irritation for me. Why does everyone assume that PHP programmers don’t use OOP. I have been using OOP for more than 10 years. Any PHP programmer that doesn’t use OOP hopefully isn’t building applications of much size.

Oh, but wait, this is the thing that irritates me about an all too large portion of the PHP community: anti-OOP activists. What other programmer community has that? Certainly not the Python community?

To most people here in the mid-west ‘Professional PHP Developer’ is a contradiction in terms. Technology moves slow, so technologies that adapt and move fast are seen as ‘flash in the pan’ technologies. Like the web. Which wasn’t a household word until the ‘dot com crash’. You can see where I am going with that. Granted, dialup (when achievable) was mostly the only way to get connected. Even then it was likely to make you want to drive into town and get a book.

So what am I getting at? The biggest turn-off in the direction of C# is the attitude about where I am coming from. I have been programming since before most of these people comprehended what a mouse was in connection with electronics. But before I get too heated, I need to acknowledge that most of them are simply regurgitating the words spoken to them by whatever ‘instructor’ they had. I say ‘instructor’ because most have learned from inexperienced ‘book readers’ who try to impersonate teachers, but just end up regurgitate the words of whatever book they were told to use. At this point you are probably wondering how I learned, and some of you already know. I read. I research. Most of all, I use. I test a knowledge source for validity by putting their words to use. If I see that they speak from experience, and have sound reasoning. I tend to seek their flavor of methodology further, until I dry them up, and I move on to the next source. Usually someone that is really good at what I am trying to learn will quote other good sources for knowledge. Any wise person, not only practices their knowledge, but they take into consideration many sources, so that their wisdom is a sum of all the sources, and not the product of a single mentor , or book-reading-mentor-impersonator as it were.

I have been doing this forever. I will still be doing it after these have failed, and become roofers or managers at Starbux. That, or the rest of them are old enough, they will retire.

So, now that it is out of my system, what about the code? Ajax Magazine pointed me to a great comparison of Ajax frameworks for .NET. I really hope MS pulls their performance out of the gutter when Atlas gets released. What I think I learned from this is that I will need to implement Rico on my own for a minimalist approach. I wonder if I will be able to implement an Ajax backend using a web service? As I toy with Studio, I get the impression that minimalists are something that are rare in the .NET landscape. A lot of the code I find on the web is vacant of grace. Which doesn’t mean it is any different from other languages such as PHP. But I guess I will be starting at the same point, muddling through mediocre tutorials and example code to gain a better understanding of the language, so that I can find elegance under my own power. I guess that is what makes me a code snob, and sets us apart from the muddling web designers. Who , drunk with the prospect of programming, seem to find new wrong ways of doing things. But, to whom we owe our lowly public image.


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