Being a Zend Certified Engineer, and somewhat of a code snob, I was intrigued by the thought of being required to learn C# so that I could adopt support of some applications. I decided to start this blog to record how it goes. I hope to look back and see how I have broadened my horizons.

My first thoughts coming into this is that many out there think of .NET as simply a parallel tool. Either Zeev or Andy said at some pint that .NET is the primary competitor to PHP. From my present perspective, I think that .NET is more of a competitor of Zend. The reason for this thought is that I don’t feel that PHP performs as optimized on Windows as the various .NET technologies. I reason that naturally Microsoft works best with Microsoft, which has been one of their problems in the past (although the seem to have realized this).

The other difference I see coming into this is that they use the term ‘managed language’ often to refer to the .NET landscape. While it may not be what they mean, I hear this as meaning what Linux zellots refer to as ‘black box’. Like a car with the hood welded shut, you can drive it and push the buttons or flip the switches, but when it comes down to it you really cant get under the hood. Which, do you really want your grandmother getting in there and playing with wires and hoses? But for those of us code ‘mechanics’ who drive the web equivalent of the Daytona 500 on a daily basis, there isn’t much that can be taken away from a win or loose if we can’t look under the hood.

All that off my chest, I can see the advantage to RAD. Like having the bumpers up when bowling, anyone could score a perfect 10 with the major effort swallowing obstacles out of the way. And all that implies… and so it begins.


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